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AUCE is a company based in Ghana ACCRA, West Africa. AFCA identifies business opportunities in West Africa and the Pacific Region.

We are active in various fields, such as real estate – innovative technology, agriculture and tourism. In all these areas we create business opportunities for our clients.

In terms of tourism AFCA organizes a “Back to YOUR Roots” tour to Ghana.

“Back to Your Roots”is an inspiring journey through Ghana that offers a profound cultural and historical experience. From the vibrant city of Accra to the tranquil coastal villages, this trip immerses you in the country’s rich history and vibrant traditions.

You will visit historical forts such as Elmina, Cape Coast and places like kumanti, where you learn about the trans-Atlantic slave trade. Additionally, you will explore the vibrant markets of Kumasi, the heart of the Ashanti culture, and learn about traditional crafts such as kente weaving and adinkra symbols.

Furthermore, you will discover the breathtaking landscapes of Kakum National Park, where you will have the opportunity to walk on the canopy walkway.

This journey places a strong emphasis on connecting with local communities , allowing you to experience the warmth and hospitality of the Ghanaian people.

“Back to Your Roots” offers an unforgettable travel experience infused with history, culture. and personal connection to Ghana.

We have a vision to inspire the world with workable opportunities. We have a great plan for the next generation.

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  • P. O. Box 460, Accra, Ghana, West Africa
  • +31-684-531-868,
  • info@afcacariexpress.com


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